All of the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. By marking/clicking the "I agree" button, I agree to provide the dog with good quality food, water, heartworm prevention, shelter, affection and medical care. Failure to answer all questions completely will delay processing of your application. Once this application is reviewed, a SITE VISIT of you home may be scheduled. If a site visit is not possible, three (3) letters of reference may be required, one of which must be from a veterinarian. Upon approval of this application we can schedule an appointment so that you can meet the dog you are applying for. We may request that you bring existing pets and children to make sure that they all get along well. If all goes well, you may adopt the dog that day and take him/her home with you. At that time, you will sign an ADOPTION CONTRACT. Please bring with you a collar with a name tag and leash.